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Relate Pennine Keighley and Craven
is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.
Registered address: Acres House, Berry Lane, Keighley, BD21 1DN
Charity Number: 1062246
Company Number: 3324143 (registered in England and Wales)

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Here at Relate we have always believed that stable and loving family relationships play a key role in helping adults and children feel secure, safe, confident and optimistic about the future.

That’s why, at the heart of all our activity is a continuing commitment to helping couples maintain and improve their long-term relationships.

But these days, in response to the changing needs of our community, Relate is about much more than just relationship counselling.

Thus, in the past several years, our Centre has built an extremely successful and flexible counselling service for children and young people, and we continue to develop new services in response to public demand.

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On this website you will find details about all our current services, and at the end of the description of each service, you will find information on how to make an appointment.

But if you have any remaining queries about what we do, or about how we might be able to help you personally, please give us a ring, or, if you prefer, send us an email.



Our front line office staff have no other purpose than to help people access Relate services and will be only too pleased to answer your questions.
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Relate adult services are open to all adults whatever their sexuality, financial circumstances or ethnic background.
Our 'Relate Keighley' and 'Relate Huddersfield' offices also have good access for clients with physical disabilities and appropriate ground floor facilities.

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